Scribbling Bots at CREATE!

Our class went on a super cool field trip. We went to CREATE. It is a special place at the Arizona Science Center where you can do events with your teacher and class.

We spent hours there and we got to do this super fun activity called Scribbling Bots. We used little motors to build machines that make art. We want to go back because they have more events you can do at CREATE that are perfect if you are wanting to learn how to build robots.

There is an exhibit going on now at ASC called POPnology and it lasts until May. My mom and I are going to go back and see with Fred, my best friend. It may be coming to a museum near you. If you are into robots, you will want to see it. There is a 3D printed car and robotics stuff and a Mars Rover. And it is hands on, which means you get to touch all the stuff.

Click on POPnology to see cool pictures.